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Six Words
By Surendra Kumar Sagar

 The central theme of `Six Words` is an imaginary (contrived) seminar, as if held in a parallel universe where the great scientists and philosophers of the world – past and present – present, and their views on Science and Philosophy. Based on their inputs and the author`s  unique insight, a philosophical model  is developed which, in the author`s view, has the best chance of bringing about a fusion of Science with Religion and thereby bringing to an end all religion based conflicts and wars. Two fundamental requirements – initial conditions – need to be fulfilled in order that the said philosophical model is acceptable to both Science and Religion. These are:

1) The  established principles of Science must not be violated, which is a  requirement of Science,  and

2) The universe must make sense, which is a requirement of Religion.

The nature of God – and Reality –  must  be understood in a way that brings about a realization that  there is nothing unique about us human beings in the affairs of the universe, and if `randomness` is leading our human civilization towards collapse, no God of any kind will come to our rescue. We will have to create the necessary probabilities to save ourselves.``

Surendra Kumar Sagar a BS from Bombay University has another BS in civil engineering. He has over fifty years experience in the design and construction business, Sagar presently, as the technical director of design and engineering for Total Environment Building Systems, is a member of the Institution of Engineers India. Sagar currently lives with his wife in Bengaluru, India.

Subject: Philosophy
Size: Small Royal (150 x 230
Binding: Paperback
Page Extent: 262
Price: Rs 595
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