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Crossing Over
By Geetanjali Mehta

Biopolar disorder? No, it does not mean STARK, RAVING MAD. It is much misunderstood psychiatric illness that affects up to 4 percent of any adult population across the world. Just like diabetes, afflicted people can lead perfectly healthy and productive lives when the illness is treated effectively.

Geetanjali Mehta is both well educated and well travelled. Her vast experience with a high quality education spurs her to share the ins and outs of psychiatric ailments, especially their management. This rational look at BPD may effectively reveal how people can lead productive lives without the debilitating stigma that forces so many people to suffer as they do not seek help.

Subject: Non Fiction
Size: Demy (140 x 216 mm)
Binding: Paperback
Page Extent: 382
Price: Rs 350.00
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