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Mind the Gap: Walking Delhi With the Metro
By Wilson John

Delhi, like India, is full of contradictions, and history. Here empires were built, buried and rebuilt, as many as fourteen times. The present is crowded, modern, ambitious – a potpourri of cultures and conflicts, where swanky cars dodge carefree bovines on roads lit with neon signs, and where perfectly respectable men empty their bladders with equal abundance. The Metro has brought a ray of hope for those who want to see Delhi up-and-close on foot. This pocket-friendly book is a delightful guide and friend. Helpful maps and meticulously detailed sights and sounds of walking routes leave you pleasantly tired but exuberant in no less measure. Page by page, as you walk, the book reveals intimate discoveries of events that once echoed in the streets and by-lanes. This is the first, and only, guide to Delhi’s lanes and monuments, people and places, poets and djinns, and the Delhi Metro, that traverses like a silver worm of time across myths and folklores and empire-making that made the city a tempting and tempestuous beacon of riches and glory for millennia.

Subject: Non-Fiction
Size: 7.75
Binding: Paperback
Page Extent: 170
Price: Rs 00.00
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