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Drowning Shadows
By Umair Naeem
Drowning Shadows is a thriller with a spiritual angle. As the protagonist, Hyder Waseem, battles for life, the book retraces the journey of his life at two levels - the physical, where he is a successful, powerful photographer; and the metaphysical, where he is trapped in a haze and forced to confront his many failings. The book sets in motion a parallel chain of events: one describes Hyder’s story, wgile the other deals with a surreal White environment in which Hyder finds himself. The former deals with Hyder’s relationship with three women: Natalia Ahmed, Pakistan’s best-known model; Anab Mohsin, his protégé and PA; and Sophie, the fiancé of his friend Osman Mehmood. The novel explores the characters of these three women and how their past events shaped them. It also paints how seemingly different they are, yet inherently similar in terms of their desires and insecurities. Drowning Shadows is about people, expectations and relationships, and the difference between what they want and what really happens.
Subject: Fiction
Size: 8.5" * 5.5"
Binding: Paperback
Page Extent: 225
Price: Rs 250
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